04 February 2009

2009: The Year Punk Died Off...?

It was only a month ago I wrote about the premature passing of one of punk's perennially overlooked heroes, Ron Asheton of the Stooges.

Today, I come home to find out that everyone's favorite Cramp Lux Interior has passed away this morning, at the young age of 62 - due to a pre-existing heart condition. My heart goes out to his lady, everyone's other favorite Cramp, Poison Ivy. Again, the Cramps were a band that influenced so many other fucking bands, but never really got their due. The first band to fuse rockabilly with punk. And a band who still gave their all at shows, even in the last few years - unlike some bands who prefer to do a paint-by-numbers act onstage, resting on the laurels of past greatness. Everyone who testifies to seeing the Cramps in the last few years talks about how much of a SHOW they put into their shows.

Hearing the Cramps' music always takes me back to those halcyon days of my misspent youth in Penticton, when I got turned onto them by my friend Trevor. Trevor was like the Danny Fields of Penticton; always the hippest guy in the room. That cat turned me on to so much good shit, I wouldn't know where to begin to thank him: Dee Dee King. The MC5. Bad Brains. His brain was way too big for a mongrel, podunk town like Penticton, and I hope he's doing well, whatever he's doing.

Trevor, as much as I wouldn't admit it then, you were right about the Smiths, okay...? They aren't horrible. Just don't tell anyone I said that out loud.

Jesus. 2 iconoclastic punk rockers passing away less than a month apart. I'm afraid it's going to become a trend.

Listen, you old school Punk rockers, take good care of yourselves, there are less and less of you every year.

Rest in Peace, Lux. Thanks for everything. Especially this:

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